Giebel Adsorber

Giebel Adsorber


Breather dryer for hydraulic power packs.

Statewide Bearings are proud distributors of GIEBEL Adsorber in Australia. With technical support from our dedicated lubrication team, we can provide cost-effective solutions that will save you time and money.

As part of our GIEBEL range of premium breather dryers, we are proud to offer the following products;

  • Ventilation dryer for gears and turbo gears
  • Silica gel filter according ATEX 2014
  • Breather dryer for offshore use
  • Tank breather dryer for large storage tanks
  • Aeration dryer for drums & IBC
  • Breathers with valves for long maintenance intervals
  • Refillable breathers for low operation costs
  • Accessory and spare part kits
  • Disposable breathers VENT PA-D without valves
  • Disposable breathers VENT PA-D with valves
  • Refillable breathers VENT PA-R with or without valves
  • Refillable premium breathers VARIO PA with stable valve part
  • Aluminium breathers VARIO MA
  • Stainless steel breathers VARIO ME
  • Oil mist collectors VARIO VG

Giebel Adsorber

Giebel Gear

Gear 2.2



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