Powerjacks Screw Jacks

Powerjacks Screw Jacks

Statewide Bearings supplies a range of high-quality linear motion screw jacks Australia-wide.

The generic term ‘screw jack,’ – or ‘jackscrew’ – generally refers to a product that utilises a gearbox assembly and a transmission medium (lead screw, ball screw or roller screw) which, through the use of a motor or hand wheel, converts this rotary motion into linear motion.

Screw Jack applications are endless, but screw jacks are traditionally used to pull, push, lock, tilt, pivot or lift and lower. The screw jack can be supplied using different ratios combined with different lead on the screws, thus offering a very large range of size and load capabilities. Literally anything from a few kilos to thousands of tonnes.

We can offer many screw jack (jackscrew) configurations from metric and imperial versions, ball screw jacks, acme screw jacks, electric screw jacks, bevel screw jacks, stainless jacks, upright, inverted, high duty cycle, plain or ball screw nuts, bellow protected and special coatings for specific environments. Even screw jack repairs subject to inspection.

  • Trapezoidal / acme or ball screw type
  • Capacities from 2.5kN to 1000kN as standard
  • Translating and rotating screw type
  • We offer the following brands: POWERJACKS and SERVOMECH

For further information on our range of screw jacks, please contact our sales team.

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Power Jacks

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Statewide Linear Bearings stocks and distributes a full range screw jacks from UK-based company Power Jacks. Power Jacks specialise in electro-mechanical lifting, positioning and load monitoring equipment.

Producing the highest standard of products, Statewide Linear Bearings can provide a Power Jacks product to cover a wide range of applications.


The C-Series cubic screw jack is one of the newest in the range from Power Jacks, offering improved levels of adaptability with more versatile mounting methods, as well as superior quality and durability. A standout feature of the C-Series is the functional and compact cubic gearbox housing. Choose from SG iron or aluminium for a robust housing that holds the reliable worm gear set in a reservoir of your chosen lubricant. The C-Series has over 140 million standard configurations and comes in four designs (some of which can be combined) – standard, anti-backlash, anti-rotation and safety nut. Capacities range from 10kN to 100kN with machine screw, perfect for a wide range of industrial applications.

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The E-Series standard performance Power Jacks are one of the most popular mechanical actuators for periodic duty cycles.

Offering a precision worm gear, sturdy housing, and dynamic lead screw, it offers a good variety of mounting options including trunnion and double clevis.

The E-Series comes as standard with 2 gear ratios and 1 screw lead and the option or Anti-backlash or anti-rotation (keyed). Standard capacity range: 5kN to 2000kN. Industries include Transport, Industrial & the Energy sectors.

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The S-Series High performance Metric Machine Screw Jack is the most commonly used mechanical screw jack

for frequent duty cycles. It has 50% higher duty cycle potency than a standard machine screw jack. This series is engineered to

endure a longer life, with a good configuration selection and has a long list of accessories available. The S-series comes with an oil filled gearbox for maximum cooling and lubrication, a reliable worm gear and corrosion protection.

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U-Series is a new Power Jacks range of electro-mechanical products specifically designed for underwater use. With a standard depth of 3000 meters and up to 2000kN, it is able to work to maximum efficiency in the most rugged of under water conditions, perfect for the off shore industry and oil & gas.Features include: the choice of pressure compensated or flooded designs, a capacity of up to 2000kN (200Te) comes as standard and up to 3500kN (3500Te) on request. Available in stainless steel, with 6 mounting options, has re-enforced sealing and a wide range on anti-corrosion choices.

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