Wide Inner Ring Bearings

What are Wide Inner Ring Bearings?

Also known as ball bearing units, wide inner ring bearings are specifically designed for installation into the corresponding wide inner ring housings.

They offer great versatility between bearing and housing options, with a range of performance features, suitable for various applications. These include a triple seal design for severe contamination conditions; stainless steel units for corrosive environments

We offer a range for both metric and imperial shaft sizes. These are available in various combinations, including pedestal housing; flanged housing in 2-bolt and 4-bolt; hanger type units; and pressed metal housing options.

The wide inner ring ball bearing offers options of various sealing and mounting options, combined with a self-aligning capability.

Wide Inner Ring Bearing Construction

Wide inner ring (WIR) type bearings employ a combination of materials and construction methods that offer a solution of various shapes and shaft locking depending on application requirements.

The bearing outer surfaces are spherical and match the inner surface of the housing. This assembly arrangement means the unit is self-aligning.

The inside construction of these units is similar to standard 62 or 63 bearings series that utilise a duplex seal typically using a combination of synthetic rubber and a metal outer slinger.

This provides superior sealing (see fig 1). There are other custom sealing options that can be incorporated. Please contact your local Statewide Bearings branch to discuss these options.

Inner ring

There are several methods to lock the inner race of the bearing onto a shaft

  1. 2 set screws (see fig 2).
  2. Inner ring has a tapered bore with a matching adapter when clamps are tightened on to the shaft.
  3. Eccentric locking collars where the inner ring is fastened to the shaft by means of eccentric groves provided at the side of the inner ring and on the collar.

Maintenance free bearing unit

Design Features and Advantages

  • Maintenance-free types are available: These bearings are designed to operate efficiently without the need for regular upkeep. Their construction and material reduce wear and tear, meaning less frequent maintenance intervals, saving both time and costs.
  • Able to be re-lubricated: While some bearing types come sealed for life, wide inner ring bearings can be re-lubricated. This feature ensures an extended bearing life and improved performance, and it offers the flexibility to adjust lubrication based on the operating environment.
  • Secure fitting options: With varied mechanisms, like set screws and eccentric locking collars, these bearings guarantee a firm and stable fit onto shafts. This ensures minimal slippage and enhances operational reliability.
  • Self-aligning: The spherical design of the outer bearing surface allows it to align itself, compensating for misalignments that can occur during installation or from shaft deflection. This results in smoother operation and reduced stress on the bearing.
  • Higher rated load capacity: Wide inner ring bearings are built to handle higher loads, both radial and axial. Their enhanced load-bearing capacity allows them to operate under challenging conditions, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.
  • Light weight: Despite their robustness and ability to handle high loads, these bearings are designed to be lightweight. This reduces the overall weight of machinery and equipment, contributing to energy efficiency and easier handling.
  • Easy mounting: Engineered with the user in mind, these bearings are made to be easily mounted onto various equipment. Whether it’s through set screws or eccentric locking collars, the installation process is straightforward, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  • Easy bearing-only replacement: In the event of wear or damage, the bearing alone can be replaced without needing to change the entire unit. This not only saves costs but also time. Machinery and equipment downtime is kept to a minimum.


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Wide Inner Bearings FAQs

Wide inner ring bearings are uniquely designed to fit into corresponding wide inner ring housings. They are self-aligning due to their spherical outer surfaces. These bearings provide various sealing and mounting options tailored to specific industry needs, such as triple seal designs for high-contamination areas or stainless steel units for corrosion-prone environments.

Absolutely. Stainless steel units are resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for high-moisture or chemically aggressive environments, ensuring durability and consistent performance.

Wide inner ring bearings offer multiple secure fitting mechanisms. These include the use of two set screws, an inner ring with a tapered bore complemented by a matching adapter, and eccentric locking collars. Each of these methods ensures a tight and stable fit, preventing any unwanted slippage or movement during operations.