Taper Roller Bearings

What Are Tapered Roller Bearings?

In a typical tapered roller bearing design, inner and outer ring raceways are crafted as cone segments, with rollers tapered to meet at a common point. The conical surfaces of the raceways meet with the roller axes on the main axis of the bearing. This unique shape allows for smooth coaxial motion, with no sliding between the raceways and the outside diameter of the rollers.

A tapered roller bearing consists of solid inner and outer rings with tapered raceways and rollers with cages. These bearings are not self-retaining, which means the inner ring, rollers, and cage can be fitted separately from the outer ring. Tapered roller bearings can support axial loads from one direction along with high radial loads. In normal conditions, they must be axially adjusted against a second bearing in a mirror arrangement.

At Statewide Bearings, we specialise in tapered roller bearings from leading bearing manufacturers such as NSK.

NSK Tapered Roller Bearings

NSK is one of the most respected names when it comes to bearings. Established over a century ago in 1916, this company continues to lead the way in research and development. They are known for producing precision machinery and high-quality components for diverse applications. We specialise in supplying tapered roller bearing parts, tapered roller bearing seals and many other bearing products from NSK to customers nationwide.

Why Choose Statewide Bearings for Tapered Roller Bearings?

At Statewide Bearings, we supply a wide variety of roller bearings to businesses across Australia. From spherical roller bearings to tapered roller thrust bearings and more, we have what you need at competitive prices. We have experience working with industry partners across the country in sectors as diverse as mining, manufacturing, oil and gas, and agriculture. Regardless of what you require, we stand behind our products with friendly customer service and professional after-sales support.

Multiple Tapered Roller Bearing Variants Available

We have a wide variety of tapered roller bearings from NSK. Our datasheet is available below with all product dimensions, so you can choose the perfect bearings for your particular application.

To view NSK Taper Roller Bearings Data Sheet, click here

Tapered Roller Bearing Applications

Tapered roller bearings are used by numerous industries across Australia. These bearings are standard for moderate-speed, heavy-duty applications that demand durability.

Tapered roller bearings are used in the following applications:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Mining machinery
  • Railroad axle-boxes
  • Gearboxes
  • Plus many others

Regardless of what industry you’re from, our team is dedicated to sourcing the right bearings for your unique requirements.

Choose Statewide Bearings For Tapered Roller Bearings

At Statewide Bearings, we have extensive experience with multiple bearing types and applications. We’re here for more than just selling products, we will find the perfect bearings for your unique application and assist with any other project services you may require. We have over 40 years experience working in the bearing industry, and we understand the importance of high-quality equipment. As Australia’s trusted bearing supplier, you can rely on Statewide Bearings for quality products and excellent service. Don’t hesitate to contact our team with your unique requirements to see how we can best assist you.


Taper Roller Bearing FAQs

Tapered roller bearings are ideal for many applications, especially situations that involve the simultaneous movement of radial and axial forces. Ideal for heavy-duty applications that involve moderate speed, these versatile bearings are ready for multiple scenarios.

In many applications, tapered roller bearings are used back to back in pairs to balance axial forces in both directions. This is advantageous in a range of applications, from vehicles and industrial machinery to agricultural and manufacturing equipment. Along with balance, this allows the load capacity to be increased or decreased depending on the contact angle.

Tapered roller bearings feature a conical shape where the rollers converge to a point, enabling efficient handling of combined radial and axial loads. On the other hand, cylindrical roller bearings utilise cylindrical rollers for linear contact with the raceways, providing them with a strong load-carrying capacity in scenarios involving radial loads.