Rack And Pinion

Rack And Pinion

Rack and pinion drives provide the mechanism to turn rotary motion into linear motion. To provide the correct product for your application we require certain details as a minimum:

  • Torque on pinion
  • RPM of gear
  • Linear speed of rack
  • Linear force,
  • Dimension restraints
  • Duty cycle

Depending on your application requirement the rack drive may need to be hardened and ground to achieve greater accuracies and higher duty cycles. Environment issues of humidity, dust, salinity, acidity or other factors that might have an impact of the functioning and life of the rack and gear drive need to be considered in the design and selection process.

Spur gear, bevel, helical and worm gears are available with precision, non backlash, standard and stainless material options.


0.3 to 18 Module


Steel, Stainless Steel, Delrin


Square or Round


  • Spur Gears 0.3 to 18 Module
  • Internal Gears up to 3 Module
  • Bevel Gears 0.5 to 8 Module
  • Ratios: 1:5, 2:1, 2:5, 3, 3.5,4,5
  • Spiral Bevel Gears to 3.5 Module
  • Worm Gear Sets: up to 6 Module
  • Ratios up to 100:1

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