Ringfeder Locking Elements


Locking Elements consist of an internal and external tapered ring. When force is applied to the central axis of a set of Locking Elements, it generates radial clamping pressures on the shaft and in the hub bore.

This provides a frictional connection. Depending on the application & conditions, there are particular models to suit higher torque and bending moment applications for example the conveyor industry

The locking elements we stock and distribute offer the highest level of reliability. It doesn’t matter whether they are subjected to pulsating, dynamic, static or intermittent loads – their strength remains intact.

Statewide Bearings is Australia’s sole authorised distributor of Ringfeder Locking Elements.

We stock and distribute a wide range of products and sizes from the Ringfeder locking elements range, suitable for all applications. We are the preferred supplier to most of the OEM conveyor manufacturers across Australia and Indonesia.

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