Cylindrical Roller Bearings

What are Cylindrical Roller Bearings?

Cylindrical Roller Bearings are bearings in which cylinders are used as the rolling elements, as opposed to the balls you find in ball bearings.

The cylinders are slightly greater in length than diameter and the rollers have a greater (linear) contact area with the outer ring. This means that they have a greater radial load capacity and are able to distribute loads across a broader surface. They are also suitable for higher speeds than other types of roller bearings.

There are multiple variations of cylindrical roller bearings and they can be made with a cage, or as a full complement part.

When it comes to cylindrical roller bearings, Statewide Bearing supplies the world’s leading brands including NSK and FAG.

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NSK Cylindrical Roller Bearings

NSK is a well-known manufacturer of various types of bearings, including cylindrical roller bearings. NSK cylindrical roller bearings are designed to provide high radial load capacity and are commonly used in industries such as industrial machinery, and power generation.

Timken Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Timken is another well-known bearing manufacturer that offers a wide range of cylindrical roller bearings. Timken cylindrical roller bearings are known for their high-quality construction and durability. They are used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, mining, and power transmission.

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Our Range of Cylindrical Roller Bearings

At Statewide Bearings, our team is dedicated to sourcing the right bearings for your needs. to Our cylindrical roller bearing types include:


The outer ring has 2 rigid ribs while the inner ring has no ribs. This design allows axial displacements of the shaft relative to the housing in both directions and within certain limits.


The inner ring has 2 rigid ribs while the outer ring has no ribs. Again this design allows for axial displacements as per the NU


The outer ring has 2 rigid ribs where the inner ring has 1 rigid rib. In this design axial displacements are possible in one direction only.


The outer ring has 2 rigid ribs, while the inner ring has 1 rigid rib and one loose washer on the opposite side to the rib on the inner ring. Generally axial displacements between the shaft and housing are not possible as these type of bearings are generally used as a fixed locating bearing.

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Cylindrical Roller Bearing Applications

Cylindrical roller bearing uses vary greatly; they can be used across a range of industries. Common cylindrical roller bearing applications include:

  • Oil and gas
  • Machinery
  • Gearboxes
  • Electric motors
  • Pumps
  • Wind turbines

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Full complement cylindrical roller bearings maximise the number of rolling elements in a given envelope. This allows them to offer an extremely high radial load-carrying capacity, as well as high levels of rigidity. This makes them suitable for extremely high speeds, or particularly compact designs.

Cylindrical roller bearings operate by utilising cylindrical-shaped rollers that roll between inner and outer raceways. These bearings are designed to carry heavy radial loads and provide high radial rigidity. As a radial load is applied, the cylindrical rollers distribute the load evenly across their length and roll between the raceways, reducing friction and allowing for smooth rotation. A cage holds the rollers in place and maintains their proper spacing. Cylindrical roller bearings are commonly used in applications where high radial loads and precise axial movements are required, such as in machine tools, gearboxes, and electric motors. Proper lubrication is essential to ensure smooth operation and maximise the bearing's lifespan.

Cylindrical roller bearings have a wide range of applications across various industries due to their ability to accommodate heavy radial loads and provide high radial rigidity. Some common uses of cylindrical roller bearings include:

  • Machine tools: Cylindrical roller bearings are widely used in machine tools, such as lathes, milling machines, and grinders. They support the spindles, which rotate at high speeds and carry radial loads during machining operations.
  • Gearboxes: Cylindrical roller bearings are essential components in gearboxes, where they support the shafts and gears, enabling smooth and efficient power transmission. They can handle both radial and axial loads generated by the gear system.
  • Construction and mining equipment: Cylindrical roller bearings are utilised in construction and mining equipment, such as excavators, bulldozers, and crushers. They support the rotating components and handle heavy radial loads encountered during these rugged operations.