LM76 Ceramic and self lube bushes

LM76 Ceramic and self lube bushes

LM-Tabell was established in 1938. Since that time they have been involved  in many innovative plain bearing solutions.

In the 70’s GE were experiencing excessive temperature issues on the compressor vein / shroud on the new F404 engine employed on the new F18 fighter.

LM-Tabell were asked to provide a bearing solution that was light weight and could cope with excessive temperatures. At the time,  Tarbell engineers employed a combination powdered metal additive called Triboloy® by combining 15% of Triboloy® and stainless steel powdered metal.

GE and the Navy were skeptical of the product because of the bearing’s weight, this bearing is still in use today on the F404.  This bearing can accommodate temps of over 1000ºF.

Since those times they have employed further technical advances and now provide a super bushing. The LM76 product is one tough product that can potentially be a problem solver where normal ball style Linear Bearings are not coping.

  • For linear and rotary applications
  • Self aligning type available
  • For use in abrasive or contaminated environments
  • Available with Teflon® composite liner
  • Made in USA, LM76


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