Destaco Indexers, Oscillating Drives

Make Statewide Linear Bearings your first choice for Camco (Destaco) rotary motion and automation equipment in Australia. At Statewide you’ll find a wide range of Camco automation equipment for your industry or application.

Camco (Destaco) has become known as the leading manufacturer of quality motion control products including:

Rotary Indexers & Oscillating Drives

These assist with device indexing, or the starting and stopping of devices at precise intervals and locations. Products include large indexers able to rotate several tons (large industry) to small indexers requiring greater precision and speed. Rely on Camco rotary index drives for controlled acceleration and deceleration and repeatable, accurate positioning.

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Indexing Conveyor

Heavy-Duty Conveyors

Camco manufactures a range of precision conveyor indexes for some of the most demanding industrial applications. These deliver positioning accuracy and station-to-station index times with high load capacity and versatility to suit almost any automated assembly or manufacturing business. Options include customisation for specialised in-line automatic assembly operations.

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Parts Handlerspart handlers

If precise parts handling is needed in your automated system look no further than Destaco’s Camco parts handlers for either rotary or linear configurations. Parts handlers deliver consistent precision under high speed, load and high capacity challenges. Ask Statewide about the best product for your application including low maintenance, cost-effective complete parts handling packages.

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Torq Gard Overload Clutches


Protect your machinery drive train from costly damage with power transmission overload clutches. These operate when torque exceeds preset limits, and are available in seven sizes with a single position automatic reset. Modular design and universal mounting mean they are easy to use and interchangeable.

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Other Camco Products

Camco / Destaco is a global supplier of high performance automation and materials handling solutions. Other products in the range include:

End Effectors, Grippers, Manual and Pneumatic Work-holding Clamps, Power Clamps.