Cam Linear Motion

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Cam Linear Motion

Statewide Bearings are distributors of Nadella and Franke, who manufacture cam and roller type linear motion products.

There are essentially 2 types of basic cam/roller linear motion.

Nadella Linear Cam Type

Cam Linear guide

The simplest and most cost-effective linear cam mechanism uses a basic aluminium structure where two hardened steel shafts are pressed into the aluminium. These shafts act as raceways for the rollers of the linear bearing carriages.

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Franke Linear Rollers

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The other type is a linear track roller system. This system uses roller bearings which are able to support higher loads, higher speeds and tolerate high levels of contamination in aggressive environments.

These linear roller bearings utilise cold-drawn solid-bearing steel with induction-hardened bearing surfaces for the rails, or linear roller guides.

The carriages are made of steel comprising of one or two pairs of rollers. The rollers typically have a cylindrical outer ring that are mounted perpendicular to each other.

This design supports heavy loads with a high level of accuracy and minimal friction. Regular lubrication is required.

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This cam or roller type of linear motion has operational advantages over some of the more traditional linear products. These include:

  • High environmental tolerances
  • High duty cycles
  • High speed with low noise
  • Can cope with high acceleration
  • Forgiving mounting tolerances

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