LINAK stands out as a market leader in the realm of electric linear actuators, offering unparalleled performance and versatility. Statewide Bearings is proud to be an authorised Australian partner of LINAK actuators

With a focus on innovation, LINAK provides a range of switching and control options tailored to accommodate various application requirements. These options allow for simple plug-and-play operation, making integration effortless and straightforward, particularly for users seeking seamless automation solutions. What sets LINAK apart is its ability to fill a niche within the linear actuator market. Positioned between heavy-duty, large-stroke robust actuators and smaller, simplistic actuators, LINAK’s offerings strike a perfect balance.

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LINAK’s History

Founded in 1976 by Bent Jensen, LINAK emerged from humble beginnings as a family business focused on agricultural manufacturing. However, recognising the need for innovation, Bent Jensen shifted the company’s direction after a conversation with a friend led to the development of an electric linear actuator to adjust wheelchairs for individuals with disabilities.

Named LINAK in 1984, derived from the term ‘Lineær Aktuator,’ the company expanded rapidly, driven by its commitment to pioneering linear actuation technology. Today, LINAK stands as a global leader with 2,400 employees worldwide, production facilities in Denmark, China, the USA, Slovakia, and Thailand, and subsidiaries in over 30 countries. Continuously uncovering new potential for electric linear actuators, LINAK remains dedicated to enhancing mobility and functionality across diverse industries.

Why Choose Statewide Bearings For LINAK Actuators

With our hands-on attitude, innovative approach, and dedication to collaborative partnerships, Statewide Bearings remains a leading provider of linear bearing and associated components Our commitment to delivering the best value and tailored solutions for each application, backed by comprehensive technical support services, sets us apart in an ever-expanding market. Drawing on over 45 years of industry experience, our proactive approach and attention to detail guarantee high-quality products, cost-effective solutions, and exceptional service.

The LINAK Product Range

LINAK primarily specialises in Actuators which are devices that convert energy into mechanical motion or force to perform a specific action. They are commonly used in various applications across industries to control or manipulate systems, equipment, or components. Linak actuators are electric over mechanical in their operation.

Specific LINAK products that we regularly sell include:

  • LA12: A small robust Electric Actuator for applications with strokes up to 130mm
    • Max thrust 750N
    • Max speed 40mm/s
  • LA23: Compact Actuator designed for limited space coupled with a high push, pull force
    • Max thrust 250N
    • Max speed 22mm/s
  • LA28: Quiet and smooth, perfect for the agriculture, industrial automation or healthcare industries.
    • Max thrust 3,500N
    • Max speed 46mm/s
  • LA35: A low noise but powerful actuator that draws low power consumption.
    • Max thrust 6,000N
    • Max speed 19.5 mm/s
  • LA36: A powerful Actuator with 10,000N thrust. Can work in harsh environments. Suited to industrial and agricultural conditions.
    • Max thrust 10,000N
    • Max speed 160mm/s
  • LA37: Similar to the LA36, but comes with the Linak integrated controller (IC)
    • Max thrust 15,000N
    • Max speed 3.5mm/s


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LINAK Actuators are advanced electromechanical devices designed to convert electrical energy into precise linear motion. They are widely used in various applications to control movement, positioning, and lifting functions.

Yes, LINAK Actuators are designed to be compatible with a wide range of control systems, interfaces, and accessories. They can be integrated into existing machinery or used in conjunction with other LINAK products for comprehensive motion control solutions. At Statewide Bearings, we have dedicated staff to help you find the right actuator solutions for your specific needs. Our team is more than happy to help you find the right products required to complement your existing equipment.

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