Caltex Grease

A National Distributor of Caltex Specialty Lubricants


SWB now supply Caltex Specialty Lubricants to the Australian market specialising in the Mining, Energy and Heavy Industrial sectors,

With products such as Havoline®, Delo®, Rando® and more, you can be sure you are protecting your assetts.
You can be confident that with the Caltex range of lubricants your vehicles & machines are kept in top condition for longer.

SWB cover most industries including;

  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Heavy Industry
  • Marine
  • Wind turbines
  • Wood processing
  • Heavy-duty transport

For more information on the Caltex range, contact your nearest branch.

CALTEX / SWB brochure 2023

Caltex Lubrication Products


Delo® Starplex EP2 Automotive Wheel Bearing & Chassis Grease
A premium, dark red, multipurpose EP automotive wheel bearing and chassis grease containing an ISO 220 mineral base oil, a lithium complex thickener, EP additives, rust and oxidation inhibitors and tackiness additives.  Best suited for automotive wheel bearings, chassis lubrication, highway and off-highway applications, construction equipment, agricultural tractors, heavy-duty transport, and general industrial greasing.

Delo® Starplex Moly 3% EP2 Multipurpose Moly EP Grease
An extreme pressure grease designed for plain and anti-friction bearing applications that operate under high stress/high load conditions, coupled with high ambient temperatures typically found in heavy-duty off-road applications. Ideal for construction equipment like bulldozers, scrapers, earth-movers and cranes, bushings and rolling element bearings, Agricultural tractors, combines, mining equipment and heavy duty transport. It provides great corrosion and wear protection and water resistance when submerged.

Ultra-Duty® Grease 2 Premium Automotive and Industrial Grease
A premium, heavy-duty EP grease containing a high viscosity mineral oil, lithium thickener, effective EP additive, rust and oxidation inhibitors and tackiness agent. Suitable for automotive equipment operating in wet, muddy or dusty conditions. Ideal for mining, construction, forestry, dredging and similar heavy duty applications subject to high loads and water conditions, Heavy-duty transport, Construction equipment, Agricultural tractors, Off-highway construction, Mining, Logging and forestry & Quarrying.