Spherical roller Bearing Units

COC Spherical Roller Bearing Units

Statewide Bearings are Australia and New Zealand distributors of COC mounted bearing units from Japan.

New brand COC is one of the global leaders in quality spherical roller bearing units, used worldwide.

With their innovative new designs, COC units can handle the tough Australian conditions, as well as heavy vibration and shock loads.

Design includes:

  • Patented CROSSLOC™ adapter mount system. 360° holding the length of sleeve allows maximum gripforce.
  • Triple lip contact seal that allows up to +/-2° of misalignment.
  • Stainless steel flinger.
  • Heavy duty one-piece cast-iron housings with solid foot design.
  • Dimples for dowel-pin drilling.
  • Collar mount setscrews with nylon patch at 90° providing maximum holding power.



Each unit comes with a QR code for scanning by your phone. This gives you access to:

  • Dimensions
  • Installation instructions and videos
  • Maintenance information
  • Serial number to use their warranty
  • Non-expansion to expansion by removing snap ring
  • Contact seal allows up to +/-2 degrees of misalignment
  • Stainless steel flinger
  • Durable one piece cast-iron housing with solid foot design
  • Dimples for dowel-pin drilling
  • 2 locking systems are available, CROSSLOC adapter mount or setscrew collar mount

COC Spherical bearing units brochure


Set screw collar lock spherical roller bearing with two bolt pillow block housing.


CROSSLOC TM COC’s new adaptor locking system with SN dimension housing is a unitized replacement for the standard SN split housing units. This is a great solution to save you time and money.


Set screw collar lock spherical roller bearing with four bolt flange housing.




For more information on the COC range, contact your nearest branch.