Rollon is an innovative global manufacturer offering unique Linear Motion solutions.

Rollon has a specialised range of:

  • Linear rails
  • Compact linear rails
  • Telescopic slides
  • Actuators
  • Actuator systems

These product solutions offer hardened raceways, high possible speeds, compact design, high loads and precision possibilities.

Linear Line

Linear Rails

Linear and curved rails with ball and roller bearings, with hardened raceways, high load capacity, self-alignment, and capable of working in dirty environments.

Telescopic Line

Telescopic rails

Telescopic rails with ball and roller bearings, with hardened raceways, high load capacities, low bending, resistant to shocks and vibrations. For partial, total or extended extraction up to 200% of the lenght of the guide.

Actuator Line

Actuator LineLinear actuators with different rail configurations and transmissions, available with belt, screw, or rack and pinion drives for different needs in terms or precision and speed. Rails with bearings or ball recycle systems for different load capacities and critical environments.

Actuator System Line

Acuator System line

Integrated actuators for industrial automation, used in applications in several industrial sectors: automated industrial machinery, precision assembly lines, packaging lines and high-speed production lines. The actuator line evolves to satisfy the requests of our mostt discerning clients.

Compact Rail

Rollon Compact Rail

Self-aligning linear guides with bearings and a C-profile made of cold-drawn carbon steel. They have induction hardened and ground raceways.

Compact Rail Plus

Compact Rail Plus

Self-aligning linear guides with double row bearings for higher load capacity. Induction hardened and ground raceways for size 28-43, nitride for size 18.