Statewide Bearings is an Australia-wide distributor of Oleo products.

Oleo are engineering experts who lead the way in energy absorption technology.

Oleo design and manufacture energy absorption solutions for the industrial, rail, and elevator sectors worldwide.

Oleo’s design uses the hydraulic principle whereby any impact forces the hydraulic fluid through a specially designed orifice which moves a special separator piston that in turn compresses the gas. Compressed gas then reacts through a separator piston to give a reactive recoil force. This recoil force re-extends the unit after impact.  Due to the unique Oleo design, any impact energy is evenly absorbed throughout the unit thus maintaining a level impact force.  This unique feature is achieved by innovative metering which progressively changes the flow area as the unit impacts. This Oleo design provides optimum protection to rolling stock at specified impact speeds.

To summarise Oleo features;

  • Characteristics can be changed according to operational needs
  • Impact energy is absorbed within the unit
  • Recoil force is achieved by the dampening effect of the reverse flow of the oil
  • All these features leave little or no energy force to be returned to the impacting device

Oleo’s range of products include; buffers, absorbers and arrestors, essentially giving protection through reduction of impact forces to softer levels where a potential life threatening impact may be experienced.

Oleo’s ongoing research and development, are regularly reviewing and updating designs to ensure you are purchasing the best possible product to suit your needs.