LINAK Linear Actuators are market leaders in Electric Linear Actuators. There are a number of switching and controls that accommodate for a solution where simple plug-and-play operation may be required. The LINAK actuator fills a niche between the heavy-duty large stroke robust actuators and smaller simplistic actuators.

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LA12 Electric ActuatorA small robust Electric Actuator for applications with strokes up to 130mm

Max thrust 750N

Max speed 40mm/s


LA23 Electric Actuator
Compact Actuator designed for limited space coupled with a high push, pull force

Max thrust 250N

Max speed 22mm/s


LA28 Electric Actuator

Quiet and smooth, perfect for the agriculture, industrial automation or healthcare industries.

Max thrust 3,500N

Max speed 46mm/s


LA35 Electric Actuator

A low noise but powerful actuator that draws low power consumption.

Max thrust 6,000N

Max speed 19.5 mm/s


A powerful Actuator with 10,000N thrust. Can work in extreme conditions. Suited to industrial and agricultural conditions.

Max thrust 10,000N

Max speed 160mm/s


LA37 Electric ActuatorSimilar to the LA36, but comes with the Linak integrated controller (IC)

Max thrust 15,000N

Max speed 3.5mm/s