Trapezoidal Screw and Nuts

Trapezoidal Screw and Nuts

Trapezoidal Screw which is some times more commonly known as lead screw has a 30 degree contact angle. This product is different to Acme screw which has a different contact angle and is not compatible with trapezoidal screw.

This product is known under a few different names. For example: Lead Screw, Acme and Trapezoidal screws. Essentially these are all the same apart from some variation between the gear angle, pitch and lead dimensions.  These products are generally a square cut type of thread employing a simple plain nut to provide the linear motion. These are suitable for a variety of applications where they may be ideal as a substitute for drive belts, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

In Australia our stock consists of Trapezoidal screw, not Acme screw. Statewide Linear Bearings has a large range of trapezoidal screws.

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Statewide Bearings can supply customisation of nut design and machining of the screw to suit individual requirements. Typically for cost effective solutions quantities in the range of 500-1000 pieces is desirable. That said, for prototyping purposes we can supply in ones and two’s or smaller volumes.

THK manufactures a nut formed by die castings of a special bearing alloy with high abrasion resistance. Other manufacturers typically use bronze or POM plastics for Trapezoidal nuts.

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