Statewide Bearings are Australia’s leading suppliers of heavy-duty V-belts, including industrial V belts and machinery V belts, as well as timing belts.

Stocking only the highest quality range of industrial power transmission belts, industrial belt tensioners and tension testers, our products are renowned for their reliability and longevity.

Belts and pulleys are core machinery elements in a number of industries, from manufacturing to mining/quarries and agriculture. They act as a core source of motion or power transmission in machines (a conveyor belt for example).

Belts (often made of rubber) are looped over a number of circular pulleys that rotate. The pulley/belt dynamic can have upwards of two to three pulleys rotating a belt that can be flat or twisted.

There are also a number of different belt styles. Timing belts have ‘teeth’ or ‘notches’ inside which fit into a matching toothed pulley. This ensures no slippage, meaning the belt runs at a constant speed. These can be used in place of chains and gears as they work in the same way but require less lubrication and make less noise.

V Belts, or Vee Belts, take this notion a step further, as their ‘teeth grooves’, instead of being straight/rectangular are triangular/trapezoidal – giving them their ‘V belt’ name.  The unique shape of the Gates belts ensures minimum slippage.

Ribbed belts, on the other hand, have lengthwise grooves that can distribute tension across the surface of the pulley to increase the durability and lifespan of the parts and reduce vibration. Other styles include flat belts, round belts, rope drives, multi-groove belts and film belts.

Gates Belts

Gates is the world’s leading V Belt and timing belt manufacturer.

Gates has more than a century of experience in providing people and industries with the V belts, timing belts, hoses and associated components and services they need to keep machinery, equipment and operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Gates V-belts are engineered to run maintenance-free to keep your machinery and vehicles operating without the need for lubrication or re-tensioning. Heat-resistant and built to withstand wear and corrosion, they are designed for long-lasting performance.

As Australia’s leading authorised Gates V belt distributors, Statewide Bearings offer a huge range of Gates V belts for sale.

We stock and distribute Gates products because we know they are committed to producing the most durable, reliable and highest quality products.

Statewide Bearings can provide the following Gates belts, products and services:

  • V Belts (Vee Belts) and pulleys including Hi-Power®, Super HC®, Quad-Power® 4 and Truflex®
  • Timing belts and pulleys
  • Synchronous belts and pulleys
  • Predator belts
  • Poly Chain® belts and pulleys
  • Maintenance tools, information and support
  • Engineering, technical and site services
  • Industrial belt tensioners
  • Industrial V belt tension testers

Our extensive range of Gates V belts includes:

  • Gates micro V belts (incl. Gates blue racing micro v belts)
  • Gates kevlar V belts
  • Gates banded V belts
  • Gates double-sided V belts
  • Gates banded V belts
  • Gates power rated V belts

Please contact our expert team for more information on the industrial V belt sizes available and advice on which would best suit your application.

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Belts & Pulleys Maintenance

Statewide Bearings can offer onsite engineering and technical visits to ensure your team are maintaining your belts and pulleys to optimise their lifespan.

Please view the links above for more information on maintaining your Gates belt products.

If you would like to arrange training or a site visit, please check out our SWB Plus Reliability Services