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Sumitomo Gearbox Distributors

Statewide Bearings supply Sumitomo gearboxes Australia-wide.

As the leading Sumitomo gearbox distributors, our product knowledge is solid and our years’ of experience will ensure we can supply the right gearbox for your application.

Why Choose Sumitomo?

Operating for over 130 years, Sumitomo Drive Technologies are a world-leading manufacturer of power transmission and control products. The Sumitomo heavy industries gearboxes are renowned for their efficiency and have serviced a wide range of industries, including mining, automotive, steel, power generation, forestry and more.

Our Range of Sumitomo Gearboxes & Parts:

  • Shaft Mount – Load sizes from 227 Nm to 44051 Nm Interchangeable
    with metric and imperial shafts.
  • In Line
    General purpose, compact, in-line reducers and gearboxes offering easy installation.
  • Right Angle
    Space saving, easy-to-install shaft mounted reducers and gear motors. Gear designs deliver quiet, efficient performance.

Sumitomo Helical Shaft Mount (HSM)

Features and benefits:

  • Torque range 227 Nm – 44,051 Nm.
  • Interchangeable with most shaft mounted units.
  • Incorporating latest gear technology providing increased torque in a smaller package.
  • Fitted with ISO Bearings and seals.
  • Standard torque arm feature with turnbuckle design for quick and easy adjustment.
  • HSM Bore and Key models to suit most metric shafts.
  • HSM Taper-Grip® hubs in a range of diameters.
  • Alloy steel shafts, precision ground on bearings and gear seating.
  • Standard oil seals are double-lipped with gaiter spring, Taconite seal options for harsh environments.
  • Gear core is precision bored and doweled to ensure accurate assembly.
  • Backstops available for all sizes and can be retrofitted after unit has been supplied.

Taper Grip

The HSM can be secured to the driven shaft by means of the Taper-Grip® bush which will transmit the torque and shock in overload capacity of the selected gearbox.

Features and benefits:

  • Requires no key-way.
  • Resistant to fretting corrosion.
  • Easy to assemble and position the HSM to the driven shaft.
  • The bush can be used from either side of the gearbox as standard.
  • Allows for the driven shaft diameter tolerances to be h10.
  • Easy to remove the HSM from the driven shaft.
  • Wide selection of shaft diameters, both metric and imperial shaft bores available.
  • Available in Bore and Key.
  • Taper-Grip® bush can be used with existing keyed shafts. Because is does not use a key-way it avoids any type of fretting and corrosion.

Other Sumitomo Drives available:

Sumitomo Cyclo Gearbox

  • 2-year warranty 500% Overload Capacity.
  • Tooth Profile without Breakage.
  • CYCLO DRIVE is a tough reducer with a long lifeline and with a contact ratio 2 to 3 times more compared to the involute gear.
  • Extended operational life.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • This is essentially a Sumitomo planetary gearbox and Sumitomo cycloidal gearbox hybrid. Combination of internal planetary mechanism and cycloidal tooth profile actualized lightweight and compact reducer mechanism. This is why we can easily produce reducers with a high reduction ratio which was simply impossible through involute gear stages.

Bevel Buddybox Reducer

  • Versions of new sizes have come to market in the Cyclo Reducer right angle series of Bevel BUDDYBOX, well-known for their strength, long lifespan and high efficiency.
  • An additional capacity motor is also provided. The range of variations for compact right angle gear-motors has been further increased.
    Compact but large allowable radial load.  Long life and excellent shock resistance.
  • The input stage uses our Cyclo speed reducer or planetary gear which allows a greater shock resistance than helical gears and a longer operating life.
  • Easy maintenance for lubrication.
  • Grease and lubricant oil, which were separated at both the input stage and output stage, are unified for easier maintenance.

Whether you’d like to purchase a Sumitomo gearbox or are looking for Sumitomo gearbox parts, Statewide Bearings are here to help. Contact our experienced team for advice, or find your nearest Statewide Bearings branch.