Tsubaki Australia

Tsubaki Australia is a leading Manufacturer of industrial power transmission components. The brand has a diverse range of products tailored to meet the demanding needs of different industries. With a strong focus on innovation, quality and reliability, Tsubaki has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking premium-quality Tsubaki Roller Chain and drive products. Reach out to our knowledgeable team today for additional information on the Tsubaki products for your business.

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Who is Tsubaki Australia?

A subsidiary of the renowned Tsubakimoto Company, Tsubaki Australia has been a leading provider of high-quality power transmission and conveyor chain solutions for over a century. Established in 1917 in Osaka, Japan, the company has built a solid reputation in the industrial sector for producing innovative and highly functional machinery products including industrial roller chains, conveyor chains, and other power transmission products, making Tsubaki a dependable partner for many businesses across the Australia-Pacific region.

Central to Tsubaki Australia’s success is its unwavering commitment to engineering excellence. The company is dedicated to developing products and equipment that meet the most stringent industry standards. Through rigorous testing and meticulous quality control, Tsubaki ensures that every component that leaves its facilities upholds the brand’s legacy of excellence. Many industrial and commercial machines rely on their power transmission and conveyor chain solutions to operate reliably. Using quality Tusbaki products ensures reliable operation.

Why Choose Statewide Bearings As Your Local Tsubaki Supplier?

Statewide Bearings supplies genuine Tsubaki products whilst offering unmatched customer service and support. As a long-standing authorised distributor, Statewide Bearings provides access to a comprehensive inventory of Tsubaki products, so you’ll never struggle to find the ideal chain solution for any application. Whether you need robust steel rollers for heavy-duty operations or versatile conveyor chains for material handling, our industrial expertise helps you make informed decisions for your specific requirements.

When you choose Tsubaki Australia through Statewide Bearings, you are assured of receiving genuine products that adhere to the highest quality standards. Tsubaki’s commitment to excellence is reflected in every component, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for your equipment. Statewide Bearings’ customer-focused approach further enhances the experience. We provide personalised support from product selection to installation and maintenance so your equipment performs well.

The Tsubaki Australia Product Range

Tsubaki Australia’s product range includes a variety of chain solutions designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability. The engineering excellence of Tsubaki is evident in the design and manufacturing process of each product. This attention to detail means every solution adheres to stringent quality standards for dependable, high-performing products, such as:

  • Steel rollers: Tsubaki steel rollers are known for their strength, reliability and longevity. That makes them perfect for tough applications in industries such as mining, construction and agriculture, where toughness and strength are crucial. Tsubaki roller chain is engineered to withstand extreme conditions and provide consistent performance you can rely on, even in the most demanding environments.
  • Conveyor chains: Tsubaki Australia chain offers efficient, reliable material handling for industries like food processing, packaging and logistics. Available in various materials, including steel and plastic, their conveyor chains cater to varied application needs. The company’s conveyor chain offerings maximise productivity whilst minimising downtime for smooth and steady material flow.


Get in Touch With Statewide Bearings to Learn More About Tsubaki Products

To learn more about Tsubaki’s product range, reach out to your nearest Statewide Bearings branch. Our experienced team is here to offer professional guidance and assistance for your unique requirements. Contact your local branch today for personalised support with Tsubaki chain products.


Yes, Tsubaki specialises in providing custom-made attachment chains, special cut-to-length chains and a wide range of chains and sprockets — all of which are available through your local Statewide Bearings branches. These tailored product solutions for businesses cater to specific industrial needs and deliver superb performance and efficiency in various applications. Examples include:

  • Mining – Tsubaki manufactures hard-wearing roller chains for conveyor systems and engineering chains for bucket elevators and stackers. Cable carrier systems are also available for draglines and shovels.
  • Construction – Conveyor chains from Tsubaki Australia are suitable for concrete plants and recycling facilities, whilst attachment chains work for demolition equipment. Their cable carrier systems are ideal for cranes and excavators.
  • Agriculture – Farmers use Tsubaki's roller chains on combine harvesters and balers. Feed mills and grain elevators for superior performance. Available in HT series, Lubrication free and Agri Tuff, dedicated chains for harsh applications.
  • Food processing and packaging – Factories use Tsubaki stainless steel conveyor chains for hygienic environments and plastic conveyor chains for gentle product handling. Attachment chains are designed for specialised packaging.

Tsubaki Australia ensures reliable and efficient performance in the challenging applications above and many others. They're an integral component in a multitude of industrial operations.

Tsubaki Australia promotes sustainable practices throughout its operations. The company prioritises energy efficiency in its manufacturing processes, uses eco-friendly materials in product development and encourages recycling initiatives. By embracing sustainability, Tsubaki aims to minimise its environmental impact whilst delivering quality products for numerous industries.

Yes, usually. The Tsubaki chain and products generally include at least a one-year warranty, but terms can differ based on the product and its designated use. For precise and current information concerning warranty terms for Tsubaki Australia products, we recommend contacting a nearby Statewide Bearings branch.