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Xtek – Solutions in Motion

Xtek is an international manufacturer of custom-made, heat-treated products for heavy duty industrial applications. They produce a range of custom-engineered components for a range of industries across the globe.

Their cutting-edge machining capabilities can solve the toughest power transmission and material handling problems.

From power transmission to material handling equipment problems, with Xtek’s cutting-edge machining capabilities, they will have the solution.

Established in 1909, Xtek has revolutionised the steel industry by improving the metallurgical properties of steel to provide a higher quality, stronger and more durable product. This unique heat-treating process is called the Tool Steel Process (TSP).

The TSP process has been used to improve the strength of a range of machined products, such as:

  • Overhead crane parts
  • Gear couplings
  • Universal joints
  • Track or train wheels
  • Mill gearing and pinions
  • Brake wheels
  • Pinch rolls
  • Special purpose processing rolls

Xtek Crane Wheels

Xtek crane wheels are manufactured from high-quality vacuum de-gassed carbon steel. The unique in-house, heat-treated process which is a closely guarded secret provides a uniform contour hardness at the tread and flange wear surfaces, while maintaining a softer core to resist shock loads. This revolutionary process reduces flange fracture and improves resistance to pitting and spalling.

This unique manufacturing process offers reduced ongoing maintenance of the wheel and wheel assemblies, improved life of your rail, up to 40% additional load capacity over rim toughened wheels. Every Xtek hardened steel crane wheel is specially designed to withstand extreme conditions – maximising its resistance to the damaging forces at work in heavy industrial applications – and provide stability during transport.

Their wheels can be used for all types of cranes.

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