Duo Cone seal


Statewide Bearings has a comprehensive range of sealing solutions including basic oil seals, duo cone seals, mechanical seals, hydraulic seals, o rings and specialised applications that may require a unique solution.

With our multiple distribution rights we have a reputation as experienced supplier of precision oil, grease, fluid and dirt sealing devices. We stock a full range of metric and imperial options including various material options,

Statewide Bearings carries a large range of metric and imperial o rings and o ring kits.

To seal efficiently, radial shaft seals must run against a smooth round surface. If the surface becomes worn, the seal will no longer be able to fulfil its function, which is to retain lubricant and to exclude contaminants. The surface becomes scored when a contaminant particle is caught under the seal lip and scores the shaft. As this continues the seal efficiency deteriorates, eventually leading to malfunction of the component that the seal is meant to protect.

This is when a SPEEDI -SLEEVE can assist…

The SPEEDI-SLEEVE has been developed to solve the problem of worn seal shafts at shaft ends. This thin-walled sleeve has a high quality finish to provide an optimal surface for a radial shaft seal. The sleeve is simply pushed in position over the worn area providing a sealing surface that is as good as a new shaft.

The brands we supply include National, Stemco, GNL, TTO, Garlock and CR










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