NSK Linear Bearings

NSK Linear Bearings


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Statewide Bearings distributes and supports the NSK Linear Bearings brand as our primary product in profile rail and linear bearings.

NSK recognises that market demands for more sophisticated and diversified machines and equipment is rapidly escalating. NSK precision products are not only used widely in these machines, but also are crucial elements.
In response to this trend, ball screws, NSK linear guides, and Monocarriers, which are crucial mechanical components of these machines, are required to be highly reliable, maintenance-free, smaller in size and lightweight. They also are expected to heighten efficiency and satisfy uses in special environments.

NSK Standard Profile Linear Bearing and Rail Data

NSK new NH-NS series
Note: this new & improved product line in time will replace the standard series. The new and standard series is interchangeable. Contact your nearest Linear consultant for more information.

NSK Translide series Economy Profile Linear Bearing and Rail Data

NSK Miniature Profile Linear Bearing and Rail Data

NSK Roller Profile Linear Rail and Bearing Data