Spherical Roller Bearings

Spherical Roller Bearings


Spherical roller bearings, are best used in applications which require high loads coupled with potential flexing shaft and misalignments.
Considering the above parameters, spherical roller type bearings offer extremely high performances, designed to carry extreme loads.

This bearing characteristic is necessary in industries such as;

  • Construction
  • Mining Machinery
  • Conveyors
  • Steel
  • Paper Manufacturing
  • Wind Turbines
  • Gearboxes
  • Electric Motors

… plus many more.

The spherical roller design uses symmetrical barrel rollers that can freely align themselves to the concave outer ring raceway.

Statewide Bearings distribute a wide range of spherical roller bearings. Our main brands include NSK & Schaeffler (FAG). These manufacturers offer world-class quality bearings with global experience and design innovations. Not all manufacturers are necessarily the same,  NSK and Schaeffler can do, and offer several unique product offerings suited to unique requirements of our customers applications.


Statewide Bearings stocks and distributes a range of NSK Spherical Roller Bearings. NSK has been working for almost 100 years to develop innovative and effective solutions to meet the needs of companies using machinery in many different industries. Statewide Bearings distributes NSK spherical roller bearings because theyNSK sealed spherical are made with innovative design using the highest grade of steel used by bearing manufacturers world wide. This steel has the lowest measured impurities, thus offering high performance and life characteristics.

NSK now offer the market an innovative new sealed design for spherical roller bearings. This technology is unique and patented to NSK. Please consult your nearest branch for suitability and more information in addition click on the link below to view details of an application case study.

Click here to view NSK SSRB catalogue

Click here to view Conveyor Pulley HTF220SLE Case Study

Click here to view Conveyor Pulley HTF320SLE Case Study

Click here to view NSK Sealed Spherical Case Study 

Click here to view NSK Spherical Roller Bearings Data Sheet


Schaeffler is a global quality manufacturer of spherical rollers.

  • Standard Schaeffler Spherical Rollers
  • Schaeffler ‘X’ Life Spherical Rollers

Developed by Schaffler for that extra demanding application utilising a clean solution for that challenging environments and where extra-quiet running is required.

Click here to view Schaeffler products and solutions

  • Schaeffler Sealed Spherical

The Schaeffler (FAG) spherical roller bearings offer seal shields mounted on both sides of the bearing to provide an extra barrier for contamination and prevention of lubrication leaving the bearing.

Click here to download more technical specification

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