Linear Shaft Supporting Rails

Linear Shaft Supporting Rails



Linear motion shaft support rails are designed to support the shafts on which ball bushings run to prevent them from bending under load. The shaft support rails can be supplied as support rails only or as the complete assembly with the shafts attached. This enables us to supply you with the desired length you require. These shaft supports can have the feet drilled and tapped at intervals to your requirements.

This type of linear arrangement can be more forgiving of mounting accuracy compared to that of linear profile rail. This type of product whilst offering flexibility on mounting tolerances does not support extremely high loads and must always be operated in a parallel operation generally supporting two linear sets on each side to prevent any crabbing of the linear motion. If your application requires high loads and high accuracy we recommend you review the linear motion profile rails and bearings click here

Statewide Linear Bearings supports two products in this range. The first is a European standard series that is essentially supplied on a per meter basis.

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The second is an economy series product. It is sold pre-assembled in 4m lengths only.

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