Revolutionary New Coupling

Revolutionary New Coupling

Revolutionary New Coupling

Motor to Driven Shaft Alignment Eliminating Coupling

  • NO laser alignment
  • Maintenance Free • Reduces operating costs – Long running life
  • Compensates for alignment in AXIAL | PARALLEL | ANGULAR| Combinations


  • Requires NO laser alignment Reduces operating costs – Long running life
  • Maintenance Free – Sealed for life
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Reduces downtime breakdowns, operating temperatures and power losses
  • Relieves the misalignment problems and premature wear caused by thermal expansion, vibration and soft footing
  • Minimises the damaging forces that impact on bearings, seals and bodies through side load, overhung and axial load


  • Articulates up to 10 degrees angular misalignment, in combination with parallel misalignment
  • Extends and compresses to accommodate movement between connected devices

Simply the best coupling for your application

Quick release flanges allow for easy installation and replacement of the TCAE. Simply fix the flanges on the pump and motor shafts (1), compress the TCAE to fit in between (2) and expand and attach the TCAE (3)

Thompson Coupling Alignment Eliminator Specifications