OneProd – Vibration Monitoring

OneProd – Vibration Monitoring


OneProd is a brand of condition monitoring equipment for the energy and industrial sectors. SWB Plus is an Australia-wide distributor of OneProd Vibration Monitoring products.

See our OneProd Vibration Monitoring product range below.

Bearing Defender

  • Patented wireless vibration measurement suited to the diagnostic of common faults
  • Smart 3D Indicators, processed from the three directions: Bearing, Unbalance/Misalignment, Miscellaneous
  • Tri-axial vibration meter:
    • ISO vibration velocity with alarm
    • Acceleration
    • Displacement
    • Bearing health indicator : Defect Factor™ (DEF)
    • HF Acceleration
  • Signal listening (greasing…)
  • Easy bearing fault confirmation : Automatic bearing fault frequency markers displayed on the ZYXtrum™ (tri-axial FFT)


Falcon smart data collectorFalcon

The Falcon is a Smart Data Collector which is designed to work in an industrial environment. It uses wireless communication to collect the data. It is lightweight, fast and powerful and can be easily handled whilst wearing gloves.

  • 7” touch screen
  • Easy to read in sunlight
  • Safe when close to rotating parts
  • Safe when close to hot locations
  • Easy accelerometer mounting
  • New measurement capabilities: enclosed machine, protective casing, moving machine.

FALCON 2015 brochure

FALCON 2015 technical data
FALCON Condition monitoring has never been so easy Video
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Eagle wireless solutionEagle

The Eagle is Oneprod’s Smart online wireless solution for continuous monitoring. With its wireless sensors and gateway, the data is sent instantly to the monitoring platform. Extra sensors and expanders can be added to monitor larger areas which may be obstructed by walls or machinery.

  • Easy installation
  • Fully automatic
  • Low battery consumption (up to five years of autonomy
  • Standard low-cost battery
  • Battery replaceable by the end user

EAGLE brochure 

EAGLE technical data sheet
Eagle new wireless online condition monitoring system video
Wireless condition monitoring made easy video
One Prod EAGLE Smart Online Wireless Solution\

MVX smart monitoring systemMVX smart real time VIBRATION monitoring system

A stand alone on-line monitoring and  communication system that can also be used in conjunction with another ONEPROD system. A very versatile, reliable, intelligent system.

  • From 8-32 channels
  • Sampling up to 51.2kz
  • Customised monitoring
  • Advanced built-in processing
  • Real time monitoring
  • Multi technique monitoring (Vibration, Electrical & Oil)

MVX Brochure

MVX Technical data sheet
MVX Supervision brochure
MVX Supervision technical data sheet
ONEPROD MVX Smart-real-time-monitoring-system



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