FixturLaser – Shaft Alignment

FixturLaser – Shaft Alignment


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Miss-alignment is often the number one cause of premature bearing failure. Miss-alignment can be effectively detected through routine vibration surveys and analysis.

Fixturlaser is leading the way in developing innovative, user-friendly shaft alignment equipment. By keeping machinery perfectly aligned, production interruptions are eliminated and wear kept to a minimum leading to more profitable and sustainable operation.

Most of the product range has the ability to create an automatic report showing you the results of an alignment job with a touch of a button.

To request a demonstration, please contact your local Statewide Bearings branch and a member of our experienced staff will advise on the most suitable product for your needs.

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Click here to view – Fixturlaser NXA Pro

Click here to view – Fixturlaser EVO
Click here to view – Fixturlaser ECO
Click here to view – Fixturlaser laser Kit
Click here to view – Fixturlaser PAT

For more information, please contact your nearest Statewide Bearings branch.



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