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The PRT2 ring guides and segments provide a range of up to 360o or segmental circular motions for a large range of applications across a broad range of industries.
Product components are available in stainless steel with specialized food and high temperature lubrication.

  • Can be supplied with an integrated rack & pinion or timing belt
  • Linear motion through an arc is achievable potentially saving on X & Y systems
  • Standard range of up to 1500mm diameter
  • Simple lubrication systems 

Hepco track systems provide a limitless variety of linear motion options, incorporating open or closed circuts, with combinations of straight or curved tracks in any orientation where your most challenging linear motion application can be solved.

Key benefits and features include:

  • Many bearing carriages can be accommodated
  • Unique jack screw mounting facility enables perfect alignment
  • Variety of drive solutions
  • Lubrication options
  • Available in stainless steel

If you need detailed specifications about the Hepco PRT2 we have a downloadable manual for you to refer to.

To view the Hepco PRT2 Manual click pages below:

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