The GV3 linear guidance and transmission system

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The GV3 linear guidance and transmission system provides a large range of sizes and options to offer a solution for most linear motion requirements.

The GV3 product has design and application benefits over traditional linear guides. Examination of the GV3 product reveals interesting key user benefits.

  • In longer length applications where setting of profile rails can be expensive and time consuming.
  • Vee guides are proven to be highly effective in hostile conditions.
  • Reduced engineering costs due to ease of assembly & longer term maintenance intervals.

There are a vast range of linear motion product options available globally where Hepco Motion guides excel when other products are at the limit of their capabilities.

Some key features include:

  • Unique wiping actions
  • Can operate in any axis or orientation
  • Can be supplied as flat pack of products or assembled
  • Can accomodate very high speeds
  • Systems run quiet
  • Ability to operate in extreme environmental conditions
  • Forgiving mounting features

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Online Videos

Click here to view GV3 Bearing Adjustment Video

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