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Alwayse Ball Unit diagram

ALWAYSE ball units are a multi-directional, material handling system, manufactured from quality materials. They consist of a large load-bearing ball which sits upon multiple smaller balls encapsulated in a hemi-spherical cup. The housing can contain a seal to clean the load ball as it rotates. The design greatly reduces friction and allows heavy loads to be moved with a mini-mum of effort.

These ball units may be used at any orientation but deviation from the vertical may result in a reduction in the stated load ratings.


Fixing methods diagram

There are various methods of fixing Alwayse ball units. A wide range of fittings enable them to be used with various different materials.
(Fixing clips are available for most designs).


Alwayse Materials table

ALWAYSE ball units are available in various materials. The material required for your ball units should be quoted when ordering.