Aluminum profile


The flexibility of the aluminium profile extrusion system, allows for a vast array of possibilities when building a simple frame or a complete multi axis solution.

Machine building can be accomplished by using and other mechanical components, which can be simply bolted to the aluminium profile framework.

Using profile means that when it is time to change tooling, the process can be quickly and easily modified to suit a new line saving time and money in the future.

Components such as THK rail, gearbox, motor and manufactured parts will help with a complete turn-key operation.

The range offers a variety of acessories including handles, fasteners, hinges, latches, and dynamic elements that incorporate linear movement.

The product range is not only robust but with the modern design and looks can fit in with most applications from industrial to office and domestic applications.

Basic Profile and AccessoriesAluminum profile

Some of the world’s most innovative designs are also the most flexible. Combining function and style without compromise is the hallmark of the profile bulding system. We have a range of products and accessories to meet the many and varied requirements of modern plant installations.

A broad range of installations, from equipment for individual workstations to automated handling systems, can be built rationally and economically using the profile building system.

The modular structure of the system means that all the elements of the individual product groups are fully compatible with each other and can be combined at will to provide new variations and problem-specific customised solutions.

  • Mechanical Machine Building
  • Safety Guarding Systems
  • Machine enclosures
  • Ergonomic height adjustable work stations
  • Work benches, height adjustable options
  • Transfer systems
  • Machine stands
  • Computer desks, height adjustable options
  • Display systems
  • Home furnishings
  • Audio and visual stands and cabinet systems
  • Exhibition booths
  • Clean room framing
  • The list of possible applications is endless..