Bel-Ray Lubricants

Statewide Bearings are proud distributors of Bel-Ray industrial lubricants in Australia.

As part of our Bel-Ray range of premium lubricants, we are proud to showcase the following workshop products:

• Biodegradable Multipurpose Heavy Duty Degreaser
• Brake & Contact Cleaner
• Contact Cleaner
• 6 in 1 Multipurpose Lubricant
• Molylube Spray Coating with Moly
• Air-Tool Lubricant
• Rust Preventative Coating
• Molylube Anti-Seize Compound
• High-Temperature Anti-Seize Compound
• Nickel Anti-Seize Compound


lubricationBel-Raqy 6 in 1 Multipurpose


Biodegradable Multipurpose Heavy Duty Degreaser is a water based environmentally and user-friendly degreaser. The unique performance characteristics enable this product to be a petroleum hydrocarbon free quick-break NEW AGE degreaser formulated for heavy duty cleaning of equipment in mining and industrial operations. The Biodegradable Heavy-Duty Multipurpose Degreaser has excellent solvency properties for various heavy duty cleaning applications used as direct replacement for most petroleum-derived solvents and cleaners. Product No: 25LT Pail-56860PA, 200LT Drum-56860DR

Brake & Contact Cleaner – (aerosol) is specially formulated for superior cleaning without leaving an oily residue. This is critical to brakes for superior stopping power and on electrical components for reduced arcing and heat build-up. The unique formulation in convenient aerosol spray penetrates, dissolves and disperses long-standing build-ups of grease, grime, sludge, varnish and carbon deposits for fast and easy cleaning of difficult to reach parts. Fast drying and easy to use. Product No: 99070A400W

Contact Cleaner – (aerosol) will clean and remove carbon and oil build-up. This unique product dries in seconds leaving no residue. Contact Cleaner is formulated with a low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) composition for safe and effective cleaning and degreasing of all electrical contact points. Contact Cleaner comes as a high-powered quick-drying spray that can be used to clean any part that comes in contact with electrical currents. Contact Cleaner is specially formulated for superior cleaning without leaving an oily residue. This is critical to electrical components for reduced arcing and heat build-up. Product No: 99075A400W

6 in 1 Multipurpose Lubricant is a high performance, semi-synthetic, multipurpose penetrating fluid with superior penetration, readily loosens frozen parts. Superior lubrication, high film strength and anti-wear maximise component performance and life. Corrosion protectant and preservative it displaces moisture and forms a moisture-proof barrier film, protecting and preserving components from rust and corrosion. Will not affect plastic or painted surfaces. Also available as a biodegradable formula, safe for environmentally sensitive areas such as marinas, boats and landscaping equipment, chain saws and on fishing equipment. Product No: Bottle-12300BT4, Pail-12300PA, Drum-12300DR, Aerosol-12310A400W, Biodegradable bottle-12350BT4, Biodegradable Pail-12350PA, Biodegradable Drum-12350DR, Biodegradable Aerosol-12351A400W

Molylube Spray Coating with Moly is a quick-drying dispersion of molybdenum disulphide in a selected blend of solvents and rust preventing bonding agents. It provides waterproof molybdenum particles to the surface giving rust protection. It bonds to the surface in minutes, providing a tough film that offers outstanding metal protection in dusty, dirty or abrasive atmospheres. For exterior use on chains, cables, gears and sliding surfaces operating in a dirty or abrasive environment. For use on the interior components of business machines, timing devices, data processing equipment, machine tools and refrigeration equipment to prevent seizing, galling, fretting and wear. Product No: Aerosol-70260A400W

Air-Tool Lubricant lubricates pneumatic tools, controls and seals. It prevents gumming, rusting and stable emulsion formation, eliminating valve and control sticking, while the extreme pressure and anti-wear properties of Air Tool Lubricant promote longer tool life. Although it is formulated to remove water from air systems, Air Tool Lubricant provides superior lubrication capabilities in the presence of excess condensed moisture. Product No: Bottle-62620BT4, Pail-62620PA, Drum-62620DR

Rust Preventative Coating is a transparent, dry-to-the-touch, waxy compound in an easy to use solvent system. It can be applied by dipping, spraying or painting, thereby making an attractive coating for mechanical parts or fully assembled equipment. A thin film of Rust Preventative Coating will fully protect the part from rust when stored in an adverse environment and will afford protection from the effects of handling. The wax-like coating of Rust Preventative Coating provides exceptional weather resistance. It clings to metal surfaces with exceptional tenacity. Moreover, it is quite soluble in petroleum solvents, which permits easy dilution to help control the resulting film thickness. Removal of Rust Preventative Coating is equally easy with petroleum solvents. Also available in an aerosol. Product No: Pail-15600PA, Aerosol-99708A400W


Anti-Seize Industrial Lubricant Products

Nickel Anti-Seize Compound is a copper free anti-seize compound for use on stainless steel fasteners and other metal components. Resists galling, inert to chemically harsh conditions, corrosion resistant and provides an ease of assembly and disassembly in high temperatures up to 1315°C (2400°F). Product No: 21010

Molylube Anti-Seize Compound is a non-melting, organo-clay grease with 40% of molybdenum disulphide, or moly, and graphite lubricating solids. Molylube Anti-Seize Compound is an extreme pressure grease that protects threads from galling, seizing and fretting. A virtually waterproof compound, it provides excellent rust and corrosion protection for assembled parts. Molylube Anti-Seize Compound is an excellent tool joint compound for pipe threads and collars with easy makeup and low break-out torques. Product No: 67700

High-Temperature Anti-Seize Compound contains finely divided graphite and copper flake that protects threaded connections like drill pipe. This outstanding anti-seize prevents galling, rust, fretting, galvanic pitting, seizure and corrosion of threads and preserves their integrity during long and severe service and promotes easy disassembly. For temperatures up to 1093C (2000F). Product No: 44500

Bel-Ray Rust Preventative coatingBel-Ray food grade oilBel-Ray Anti-seize compoundBel-Ray Spray coating with MollyBel-Ray Nickel Anti-seize compound   
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